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Our Services

GREEN WORLD PAPER CO.,LTD. is involved in numerous activities such as paper  mill and pulp mill machinery, packaging and distribution and other office paper accessories. Apart from the above, GREEN WORLD PAPER CO.,LTD. offers the following services to its customers;
Selection Criteria for Vendors
We check for several factors at the vendors’ end that includes :
    - Quality Of A A4 Copy Paper
    - Vendor’s Document and Certificates
    - Support during Bulk orders
    - Market Status
    - Financial Figures
    - Competence To Timely Delivery

“The Best Team Brings Out The Best Results” we consider our team members. They are the backbone and strength of the company and we proudly share the credit of our success with them. Our team has :
    - Procuring Agents
    - Packaging Experts
    - Sales and Marketing Executives
- Warehouse Experts
- Logisticians

Substantial Facts

-   Good financial position
-  Competitive Prices
-  100% customer contentment
- Association with foremost names
-  Stringent check on Sourcing Process
- Total quality management (TQM)
-  Efficient Workforce
- Ultra Modern Storage Facility
- Time Bound delivery
- Well-organized Logistic facility
- Transparent Business Deals


Our focus on strong leadership at every level of the company creates a positive and inclusive culture that benefits our employees, customers, communities, and shareowners.


The most important measure of our success is to have all employees and contractors arrive home safely at the end of each day. In order to accomplish our goal of accident-free operations, we must provide safe working conditions and equipment and ensure safe behaviors.


We have a responsibility for the continued success of our company, the safety of our colleagues and neighbors, and the responsible use of natural resources. We place the highest value on health and safety, and engage our supply chain in a safe and responsible manner.


We want to make our world a better place. We are responsible neighbors, environmental stewards, and contributing members of the communities where we live and work. We are responsible for ensuring that our shared natural resources are available for generations to come, and that we continue to be a force for good in our communities.


We are committed to ethical behavior and personal integrity. We meet the letter and the spirit of rules and regulations. We meet our commitments and we are accountable for all we do.
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